Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a multidisciplinary technology that has already been established as an inseparable component of our social, economic, commercial and all other sectors of life. The noble aim of the Institute of Information and Communication Technology (IICT) of KUET is to fulfill the national and international demand of ICT. One of the major objectives of the Institute is to promote and provide postgraduate degrees (Masters and Ph.D.) in ICT for graduates from relevant disciplines to meet the present as well as future demand of professionals and researchers through higher studies. This ordinance is the guidelines for postgraduate programs of IICT that includes: Admission Requirements and Procedures; Registration Procedures; Academic Regulations; Grading System; Conduct of Examination and other related matters.

IICT launch M.Sc. Eng. (ICT) with low cost and higher standard postgraduate degree for local IT graduate.

Admission Requirements
a. The candidate must pass B.Sc. Eng. degree from a recognized University/Institute; OR Three/Four year Bachelor degree in Science Subjects (with mathematics as one of the courses); OR Master degree in Science Subjects (with mathematics as one of the courses); OR BURP/BBA/MBA degree (with mathematics as one of the courses).
b. The candidate must have a minimum GPA of 3.00 in the scale of 5.00 or equivalent in any one of SSC and HSC or in equivalent examinations.
c. The candidate must have CGPA 2.50 in the scale of 4.0 or its equivalents in B.Sc. Eng./Three or Four year Bachelor degree in Science Subjects /Master degree in Science Subjects/BURP/BBA/MBA.
d. The candidate must not have a GPA less than 2.50 in the scale of 5.00 or equivalent in any one of SSC and HSC or in equivalent examinations.

Academic Regulations
1. The minimum duration of the PGD (ICT) program shall normally be three terms. A candidate must complete all the requirements for the PGD (ICT) course within three academic years from the date of his/her first admission.
2. Academic progress shall be measured in terms of credit hours earned by a student. The number of credit hours for each subject shall be as specified in the syllabus of the Institute. One credit hour subject shall normally require 12 hours of lecture in a term; while one credit hour for project/ laboratory should normally require 18 hours of work in a term. A student must earn a minimum of 36 (thirty six) credit hours for the PGD(ICT).
3. A student on the recommendation of the ARC may be allowed to transfer a maximum of 18(eighteen) credits of the courses completed by the student at a recognized institution provided that the courses were not taken earlier than five calendar years from the date of his first enrolment at KUET. The courses must be equivalent to the approved courses of KUET and student must earn a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the scale of 4.0 or its equivalent.
4. There shall be two categories of students, namely, full-time students and part-time students.
4.1. Full time students must register for a minimum of 9 (nine) credit hours and a maximum of 15 (fifteen) credit hours per term. A full time student shall not be an employee of any organization. However, they may be employed as Teaching/ Research Assistant at the University. If a full time student becomes an employee of any other organization in the middle of term, he/she may, with the approval of the Director of the Institute and his/her Employer, be allowed to continue as a full time student for that term.
4.2. Students, serving in different organizations, may also be admitted as part-time students with a written consent of the employer. A part-time student may be assigned a maximum of 9 (nine) credit hours of course work in any term.
4.3. A student may be allowed to switch from part-time to full-time or vice versa on the recommendation of the ARC before the commencement of a semester.

Grading System

Numerical MarksLetter GradeGrade Point (Gi)Performance
90% and aboveA+ (A Plus)4.0Excellent
≥80% but <90%A 3.5Very good
≥70% but <80%B+ (B Plus)3.0Good
≥60% but < 70%B 2.5Average
≥50% but <60%C 2.0Pass
Below 50%F0.0Fail

Academic Fees and Refund of Fees

1. Items of academic fees shall be reviewed and recommended from time to time by the FAC of theInstitute.
2. A student will only be entitled to get caution money after successful completion of the program.However, a student may be entitled to get 50% of the caution money if he/she does not want to continue theprogram after two terms and apply in written to the Director. Course registration and other fees are notrefundable in any case.