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Our Offer

Professional Diploma ProgramDurationFeeMinimum Qualification
1Diploma in Computer Networks and System Administration (DNSA)6 month12,000HSC/ Equivalent
2Diploma in Internet Programming and Web Development (DIPW)
3Diploma in Software Engineering (DSE)
4Diploma in Mobile Applications Development (DMAD)
5Diploma in Multimedia and Graphics Design (DMGD)
6Diploma in Communication Technology (DCT)
7Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA)

Training ProgramDurationFeeMinimum Qualification
1Office Application and Computer Troubleshooting6 month3,000SSC/Equivalent
2Graphics Design and Multimedia3 month2,000SSC/Equivalent
3Mobile Apps Development on Android3 month2,000SSC/Equivalent
4Mobile Apps Development on iOS3 month2,000SSC/Equivalent
5Web Design and Development3 month2,000SSC/Equivalent
6Freelancing and Digital Marketing3 month2,000SSC/Equivalent
7Networking and Server Administration for Beginners6 month3,000HSC/Equivalent
8Networking Administration and ISP Setup6 month3,000HSC/Equivalent
9Database Administration for Beginners6 month3,000HSC/Equivalent
10Python Programming for Beginners6 month3,000SSC/Equivalent
11Python Programming for Advanced Learners3 month2,000HSC/Equivalent
12C/C++/Java Programming for Beginners6 month3,000SSC/Equivalent
13C/C++/Java Programming for Advanced Learners3 month2,000SSC/Equivalent
14IT Essentials for Office Management2 week2,000Office Order


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